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5x4.5 / 5x114.3 to 5x105 USA Wheel Adapters 1" Thick 12x1.5 Studs 64.1mm Bore x4

5x4.5 / 5x114.3 to 5x105 USA Wheel Adapters 1" Thick 12x1.5 Studs 64.1mm Bore x4

$ 174.99

5x4.5 / 5x114.3 to 5x105 USA Wheel Adapters 1" Thick 12x1.5 Studs 64.1mm Bore x4

5x4.5 / 5x114.3 to 5x105 USA Wheel Adapters 1" Thick 12x1.5 Studs 64.1mm Bore x4

 NOTICE!! This is a built to order item listed as No Return. Disregard any mention of return later in this listing. If you buy the wrong item for whatever reason, you wreck your car, your wheels get stolen, someone told you the wrong measurement, bought 2 thinking it was 4, found a better price...Whatever it is still NO Return. We are professionals are are willing to help you get the right item BEFORE you purchase but you need to contact us First.  

The Fitment Guide is Incomplete if you are unsure about anything, please ask before you buy!

Part #  =  USA-5450-5105A7-64.1

Vehicle Bolt Pattern = 5x114.3 / 5x4.5

Wheel Bolt Pattern  = 5x105

Adapter Center Bore  =  64.1mm

Adapter Lug Seat = Conical (do not use factory bolts with Radius seat) 

Adapter Studs  =  12x1.5

Open Ended Lug Nuts Included same size as Adapter Studs

Thickness  =  1 Inch

Quantity = 4

Need Help? 

If you have any questions, please message us and get the answers before your purchase.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the written description which includes the bolt pattern of the vehicle, bolt pattern of the wheel, center bore and stud / lug nut size are all correct for your application.

If you are not sure about anything please ask. 

We are available with professional advice. 

8-4 Mon-Thur  8-3 Fri PST



Installation is of critical importance with wheel adapters.

Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Slip fit the adapter on the wheel and the vehicle before you bolt anything on to ensure that you have proper fitment.

Installed adapters are not returnable.

Mating surfaces must be clean and free of rust and obstructions allowing for the adapter to sit flat on the rotor, and the wheel flat on the face of the adapter.

Make Sure the lug nuts or studs from the vehicle do not touch the back of the wheel.

Torque by hand, do not use impact gun for installation.

Improper Installation Voids All Warranties.

Bolt Patterns

The bolt pattern of the vehicle comes first in the listing and the wheel bolt pattern is listed after the word "to".

3, 5 and 7 lug bolt patterns measure differently than 4, 6, or 8 lug

Vehicle Studs

If the studs on your vehicle are longer than the adapter is thick you may need to trim them down so they do not touch the back of the wheel.

Factory lug nuts are often too big to recess in an adapter so they may need to be replaced.

Studs / Lug Nuts

These wheel adapters require a conical seat lug nut or bolt small enough to recess into the adapter.

One set of open ended conical seat bulge lug nuts are included with the adapters in the same size as the studs in the adapter unless otherwise requested or advertised above.

Factory bolts from Mercedes, VW and Audi have a radius seat (also called ball seat) lug bolt. Radius seat lug bolts are Not compatible with these adapters that require a conical seat they Must be replaced with a conical seat fastener or failure can occur. 

Center Bore

The center hole of the adapter must be large enough to fit over the hub of the vehicle. If it is the same size it is called hubcentric, it can be larger, which is called lug centric, where the conical seat lug nuts center the adapter on the hub.


Wheel centric is available for extra cost in most applications.

Hub and wheel centric is the best and closest to factory fit that you can get which also adds extra strength.

Wheelcentric is optional in most cases but If you have wheels that require a radius seat lug nut, it is strongly recommended.  


All adapters are also spacers because they require some thickness to be able to bolt onto the vehicle and then hold the wheel.

The minimum thickness we make is 19 mm a.k.a. 3/4 inch and we go up to 5 inches thick.


The pictures are of stock adapters and may not look exactly like what you get due to differences in bolt patterns and center bore sizes.

You will receive the item as described in the written description of the listing.


We are a US manufacturer based in San Bernardino California where we use US sourced billet aluminum providing the best materials for construction of our wheel adapters.

Beware of unscrupulous sellers of wheel adapters (there are many) who would imply or even straight up lie by saying that their adapters are US-made, using words like USA Stock, US Quality, US Shipping and lots of pictures of flags, but they're Chinese imports, Ours are truly US-made wheel adapters made by US citizens from US sourced aluminum in our machine shop in San Bernardino California, you get what you pay for.


Improper Installation or alteration Voids All Warranties.
If you have a problem with your purchase please contact us so we can help you resolve the issue.
We do Not guarantee that the part you buy will fit your car, if you ask us FIRST and give us correct information we can help you get the correct parts. 
We guarantee our parts are as described in the written part of the listing, please read carefully and ask any questions you have before purchase.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our wheel adapters.

This warranty covers the aluminum construction of the adapter, if it should ever fail we will replace the defective part.

This warranty is limited to part replacement only, user agrees to assume all other responsibility and or liability arising from use of this product.

Wheel studs are a wear part, and are replaceable in the adapter, there are many ways to damage them that have nothing to do with construction so wheel studs are not covered under this warranty, if you need stud replacements we have them available for sale online.

NO Refunds - Exchange Only Buyer pays shipping both ways.

NO Returns after 30 days

Adapters that have been bolted to the vehicle are not returnable, only parts in brand-new condition are accepted for refund or exchange.


Please Contact us with ANY questions Before purchase, there is a "contact seller" link at the top right of this page in the box called Seller Information where you can contact us through the message system or find the phone number.

Thank You And Have a Blessed Day

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