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5x5 to 5x100 Wheel Adapters 1.25" Thick 12x1.5 Lug Studs Billet Spacers 4 Rims

5x5 to 5x100 Wheel Adapters 1.25" Thick 12x1.5 Lug Studs Billet Spacers 4 Rims

$ 159.97

5x5 to 5x100 Wheel Adapters 1.25" Thick 12x1.5 Lug Studs Billet Spacers 4 Rims

5x5 to 5x100 Wheel Adapters 1.25" Thick 12x1.5 Lug Studs Billet Spacers 4 Rims


5x5 to 5x100 Wheel Adapters 1.25" Thick 12x1.5 Lug Studs Billet Spacers 4 Rims

US Made Wheel Adapters

Please ask if you are not sure about your fitment, 
although eBay calls it free there is no such thing as free shipping
if you buy the wrong item it will cost both of us.  

email or call

8-4 Mon - Fri PST

Set of 4 (four) New Wheel Adapters


Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x5 / 5x127 

Rim / Wheel: 5x100 

Stud Size:     12x1.5
Wheel Adapter Thickness: 1.25"   

Center Bore 71.5 mm 

Custom adapters are available.
Please understand that all vehicles cannot be fitted with all wheels if you are not sure about fitment please consult a professional before purchase.

This is a New part. The pictures show the quality of the part you will receive but may differ slightly according to application.

We Guarantee that you will receive the parts that you ordered as described.
These US-made adapters are guaranteed to never break as long as you install them properly.
Improper installation voids all warranties.
Be sure the studs or lug nuts from your vehicle do not touch the back of your wheel, it will cause failure and void the warranty.
Warranty Limited to adapter replacement only, nothing else is covered.
Professional installation is strongly recommended.

If you mount them you own them, Installed adapters are Not Returnable.

All returns of new condition items purchased on eBay are handled through eBay return system and are subject to 20% restocking fee.

If your wheel studs on your vehicle are longer than the adapter is thick they may need to be cut or ground down, 
unless your wheels have a depression between the lug nuts to prevent the end of the studs on your car from hitting the back of the wheel.
The back of the wheel must rest completely flush against the face of the adapter.

Lug Nuts
You may need a different size of conical seat lug nut to hold the adapters to your car.
You may want a chrome lug or require a different kind of lug to hold your wheels to the adapters.

Ask Before Purchase if you are unsure about anything.

All Returns for eBay purchases are handled through eBay returns system and have a 20% restocking fee.

thank you and have a blessed day

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Closed on the Sabbath and Sunday.

eBay orders are shipped USPS priority mail within 1 working day after payment. 

No refund on shipping for international shipments.

Paypal Accepted, if you need assistance call

There are many sellers on eBay that claim to be selling or imply that they are selling, US-made wheel adapters, but they are liars.

US Adapters is a subsidiary of Bronson Investments and is a true US manufacturer using US sourced 6061 T6 billet aluminum.

We are located at 367 E. Redlands Blvd., San Bernardino, CA 92408 and build wheel adapters everyday.

We will be publishing a video showcasing our manufacturing facility in the near future.

No Returns for any part that has been bolted to the vehicle, all returns must be in new condition.

All returns must be done through the eBay return system and will be refunded -20% restocking.

If you need assistance in getting the correct adapters we are happy to help but be restocking fee will still apply.

Note!! if you are not sure about anything to do with your fitment needs please let us help you get the right parts the first time.

Some of the mistakes that people make when purchasing wheel adapters are...

Incorrect center bore - if you get a center bore to small for your vehicle the adapters will not bolt on it, if the center bore of the adapter is larger than the hub of the vehicle it can be acceptable with the proper lug nuts.

Wrong size studs - if you purchase adapters with the wrong size wheel studs you may need to buy extra lug nuts to make them work properly.

Wrong thickness - if you purchase adapters that are too thick then you can run into clearance issues with your fenders, or if they are too thin you may have to cut down the studs on your vehicle or get a different kind of fasteners. 

for technical help call

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