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6x135 to 5x5 aka 6x135 to 5x127 Wheel Adapters 14x1.5 stud 2 in thick x 2

$ 149.97

6x135 to 5x5 aka 6x135 to 5x127 Wheel Adapters 14x1.5 stud 2 in thick x 2

6x135 to 5x5 aka 6x135 to 5x127 Wheel Adapters 14x1.5 stud 2 in thick x 2

Application Guide Is Incomplete, 

if you do not see your vehicle listed and need help with fitment please call 909-890-0217 for professional help.

Two Piece US Made Wheel Adapters

Pair of 2 US Made Billet Wheel Adapters cut from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum made in the USA

This listing is for two (2) wheel adapters and each adapter is two pieces so you would have enough to change the bolt pattern of two wheels.

NOTICE: these adapters have a 108 mm center bore but it only extends 1" inch deep and then the hole gets smaller due to the five lug bolt pattern. 

due to that restriction the center hub will prevent installation on some vehicles.

Part #  =  USA-6135-5500E9-87.1

Quantity = 2

Vehicle Bolt Pattern  =  6x135 

Wheel Bolt Pattern  =  5x127 / 5x5

Adapter Center Bore  =  87.1mm

Wheel Lip Ring = $ Extra Custom Order

Adapter Studs  =  14x1.5

Thickness  =  2" aka 50.8mm

The studs on your vehicle will need to be trimmed down for installation of these adapters.

These are for a six lug Ford or Lincoln vehicle changing the pattern to a five lug wheel.

You will need conical seat lug nuts in 3/4 hex to fit your vehicle for installation like item number 162130719131 if your vehicle has 14x2 studs, or

item number 182199775769 if they are 14 x 1.5 studs but they are not included.

The bolts that holds the two pieces of these adapters together should be torqued to 60 to 65 pounds and I also recommend using the removable blue Loctite on those black bolts.

Best Practice


After the first installation it is best to run the vehicle paying particularly close attention for any vibration or noise were 25 to 50 miles and then take it all apart and re-torque it again.

This is the same recommendation for new wheels and only has to be done once after the new installation.

After that just recheck it when you do brake work or rotate your tires or whatever.

Pay particular attention that the lug nuts or studs from the vehicle do not touch the second piece of the adapter.

Installed Adapters Are Not Returnable


Slip fit everything to make sure it fits before bolting it down.

Custom Adapters with Other Specs Are Available.

The pictures depict a similar item to show construction but are not necessarily the exact item you will receive.

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No Returns for any part that has been bolted to the vehicle, all returns must be in new condition.

All returns must be done through the eBay return system and will be refunded -20% restocking.

If you need assistance in getting the correct adapters we are happy to help but be restocking fee will still apply.

For Returns call 909-890-0217

Note!! if you are not sure about anything to do with your fitment needs please let us help you get the right parts the first time.

Some of the mistakes that people make when purchasing wheel adapters are...

Incorrect center bore - if you get a center bore to small for your vehicle the adapters will not bolt on it, if the center bore of the adapter is larger than the hub of the vehicle it can be acceptable with the proper lug nuts.

Wrong size studs - if you purchase adapters with the wrong size wheel studs you may need to buy extra lug nuts to make them work properly.

Wrong thickness - if you purchase adapters that are too thick then you can run into clearance issues with your fenders, or if they are too thin you may have to cut down the studs on your vehicle or get a different kind of fasteners. 

for technical help call 909-890-0217

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