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USA Made 19mm 3/4" thin Wheel Adapters 5x114.3 / 5x4.5 to 5x130 Spacers 74 bore

USA Made 19mm 3/4" thin Wheel Adapters 5x114.3 / 5x4.5 to 5x130 Spacers 74 bore

$ 169.97

USA Made 19mm 3/4" thin Wheel Adapters 5x110 to 5x114.3 / 5x4.5 Spacers 65.1bore

USA Made 19mm 3/4" thin Wheel Adapters 5x114.3 / 5x4.5 to 5x130 Spacers 74mm bore

these have a 7 inch outside diameter round that may be too large for some vehicles.

Set of  Four (4) US Made Wheel Adapters

Part # USA-5450-5130-19-7-74

Car/Truck - Vehicle = 5x114.3 aka 5x4.5


Wheel / Rim = 5x130

Adapter Center Hole / Hub Bore = 74mm

Adapter Thickness = 19mm aka 3/4"

Adapter Stud Size = 12x1.5

These are Thin Adapters, 

You will Most likely have to trim the studs on your vehicle to use these.

If your vehicle uses bolts instead of lug nuts like many European cars they will likely have to be replaced with a conical seat fastener.

Are you sure the center bore is large enough? 

Does the adapter have the right size studs? 

Do you have enough clearance?

If you are unsure of anything please ask first, 

if you purchase the wrong adapters you have to send them back for a refund -20% restocking

and then purchase another set, so, lets get the right ones the first time 

for technical help call 909-890-0217

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Business Hours are 7:30am to 4pm Pacific time Monday through Friday. 

Closed on the Sabbath and Sunday.

Adapters are shipped USPS priority mail within 1 working day after payment.

Rush orders possible. 909-890-0217

Note!! if you are not sure about anything to do with your fitment needs please let us help you get the right parts the first time.

Some of the mistakes that people make when purchasing wheel adapters are...

Incorrect center bore - if you get a center bore to small for your vehicle the adapters will not bolt on it, if the center bore of the adapter is larger than the hub of the vehicle it can be acceptable with the proper lug nuts.

Wrong size studs - if you purchase adapters with the wrong size wheel studs you may need to buy extra lug nuts to make them work properly.

Wrong thickness - if you purchase adapters that are too thick then you can run into clearance issues with your fenders, or if they are too thin you may have to cut down the studs on your vehicle or get a different kind of fasteners. 

for technical help call 909-890-0217

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